We like to reach our hyphae out to you!

If you are interested in becoming a gala partner, feel free to contact us. Just note that partnerships are the fruits of collaborations. Trust and solidarity grow slowly. We always first collaborate or get to know each other better, to understand if our relationships would be mutually beneficial, before we formalise any partnership. For us it’s also very important that your work is in line with our Manifesto and we want to understand what you can bring to the alliance and what the alliance can bring to you. Becoming a gala partner is free, yet we ask for an annual voluntary donation from the partners who can afford to do so. Since we all work as volunteers for the alliance, we invite you to make a (small) donation when you e-mail us for advice, interviews, connections or for your research or would like to make use of our time, experience and collective knowledge in other ways. This goes to our basic running costs and is the only way to keep the alliance sustainable in terms of our time-investments.