galaFEST is an annual meeting for gala partners to meet each other. Late Autumn of 2022, Pollinaria, based in Abruzzo, Italy, hosted the first ever galaFEST to simultaneously celebrate Pollinaria’s 15th anniversary and gala’s 10 year anniversary.

Local participants gathered with gala partners from all over the world to attend the three-day festival, called galaFEST, dedicated to the sharing of knowledge, experiences, and perspectives. Various collective activities in farming, winemaking, sightseeing, cooking, storytelling, dance, and more solidified friendship and union. It was the first event of its kind for gala and the first physical reunion since the pandemic. New gala partners were welcomed, and together, partners took part in imagining the future of the alliance. Daily symposium sessions were held to offer an opportunity for partners and participants to reflect on their involvement in gala, collectively update the gala manifesto, strategize and exchange resources, and for working groups to meet. The second galaFEST will be hosted by Chilean partners Fundación Mar Adentro, Valley of the Possible, Museo del Hongo, and friends of the alliance, in Bosque Pehuén, in December 2023.

“This is just the beginning” (soundwork) is a collaboration between Sina Ribak and Olga Kozmanidze. Sina wrote and recited the text, and Olga made field recordings and produced the soundwork. This is an invitation to join them in their walk around the hills of Pollinaria, an occasion to carefully listen to the landscape, its inhabitants and their stories.