Our continuously growing archive of resources includes practical guides, guides that map creative responses to sustainability in various countries, catalogues of partners, and related downloadable publications our gala partners have made.

These pages bring forth in different forms what was the first edition of Resilience: Artist in residence, carried out in a rural area, specifically in the Environmental Protection Area of […]
The immersion of the program Resilience: Artist in Residence took place between February 22 and March 14, 2018 at Serrinha do Alambari and the High Plains of the Itatiaia National Park. […]
This survey aims to get a sense of how far artists have come in adopting more sustainable practices and the challenges they face. We recognise that[…]
The Green Guide for Korea maps cultural initiatives across Korea engaging with social and environmental issues[…]
LABVERDE in collaboration with The National Institute of Amazonian Research (Inpa) and Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio)[…]
This publication shares the methodology and results of our first Flash LAB – an short interdisciplinary workshop inspired by our experiences[…]
The predecessor to the Green Art Lab Alliance was the EU project ‘On-AiR’ initiated by Trans Artists. It was the first time for many […]
The first in the series, the 
Singapore Guide maps cultural initiatives across Singapore engaging with […]
This guide features a directory of
25 pioneering and significant
cultural organisations in Indonesia
(Java) that engage with […]
This Guide gives an overview of
environmental challenges that are
specific to the context of Australia such as a reliance on […]
The 6th Green Guide, on Portugal, is made in collaboration with Ci.CLO, an independent organisation based in […]
The Spain Green Guide features a Directory of 25 arts organisations and initiatives
located on Spain’s diverse […]

This publication zooms in on creative practices that address environmental issues in Taiwan. It features an overview of […]
Historically the print industry is heavily polluting and damaging to our environment. For this Guide, gala partner […]
This publication by IETM, produced in collaboration with gala partner COAL, […]
This Fresh Perspectives publication by IETM, highlights the valuable contribution contemporary arts have in […]
This short handbook and infographic help cultural organisations to understand how to buy sustainably […]
Every city needs culture to animate action on the environment; it provides the
inspiration and space […]
The publication “Creative Environment – a guide to art and sustainability initiatives in Berlin” was published by […]
This joint publication by APC and
gala partner  Common Room Networks Foundation, is part of a community networks learning grant […]

In 2015 HAWAPI took place in Huepetuhe, a small mining community in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. […]

In the space where the Perú-Chile border meets the Pacific coastline, lies a triangle of approximately 3.7 hectares. Known as the […]

In November 2018, 11 artists invited to participate in this edition of HAWAPI, stayed at the Territorial Area for […]
LAB de Arte y Ciencia took place in 2015 (in Chiriquí, the highlands of Panama) and in 2017 in Panama City. Each one has 4 booklets […]
Aurora is an artistic experience around water and ran between […]
This is the second of two research publications accompanying the Aurora installation by […]
English Version Here Suelo (2014) is a reflection of Estudio Nuboso’s first multidisciplinary residency focused on addressing the theme of soil[…]
This publication presents an insight into the development of The Sleeping Tree […]
Nada Bumi is is a work by Invisible Flock and Digital Nativ. A sound and sculptural […]
The idea for this funding guide emerged during the two-year development of gala Europe (2013 – 2015) and synthesises some of […]
This publication is a reflection on how gala functioned […]
The GALA Funding and Resources Guide – Second edition is the updated […]
Abubuya, meaning to go with the flow in Mojeño-Trinidadian language […]
The digital book “Expanded Nature: Making the Invisible Visible” gathers […]
The Amazon rainforest is a cosmic lab for the invention of shapes of life and matter, a complex ecosystem that […]

Furthermore gala continuously supports the platform Artists and Climate Change as a great resource for essays, interviews and columns on how art and climate are interconnected.