Ocean River Water Protection

Bodies of water, more than anything else, connect all nations and individuals. To strengthen our waters for future generations, we need to value and take care of our existing global water system together.

Water Walk is a project to activate people from all over the globe to get together around oceans, seas, rivers, lakes and any other body of water. The project emphasises the vitality of water for the health and well-being of the planet.

The Water Walk project aims to empower and connect communities and allow them to have a voice. We want to bring stories together to create a strong sense of connectedness and motivation. Climate issues often feel too vast for individuals to relate to but a collective global focus can make a difference.

This initiative was piloted on Sunday 8 November 2020, the day before COP26 was originally planned to take place in Glasgow. We are now preparing for a second water walk which will take place around Earth Day on 22 April 2021.

What we aim for? A large scale, world-wide collective artwork and vivid archive full of inspiring, worrisome, original, authentic and intimate water stories. We call upon every human being with a love for water to join the Water Walks and contribute to this project.

All Water Walk contributions will be safely stored and shared via the Water Walk Instagram account: @galawatergroup. Meanwhile we steadily work towards an interactive art project and archive, bringing all these stories together. We hope to generate an ongoing flow of small and big grass root events around the bodies of waters we care for.